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In addition to our coating supplies service, we also offer a full range of processes to manufacture your own parts. As singular items or up to tens of thousands. 

Our skilled fabricators are able to produce large or small high precision fabricated components in a wide range of materials. Our four welding bays are equipped with the latest synergic welding machines to allow us to produce clean, strong welds throughout.    

Additional fabrication services: 

3D design and FEA

Solidworks 3D with FEA package.

Utilising state of the art 3D design software, our highly skilled design team can produce fully engineered 3D models ready for manufacture.

We can also test the models using finite element analysis (FEA) to put your parts under the working loads to test your part or assembly before manufacture even begins, allowing us to make design changes to ensure the end performance without compromising strength or weight. 

Laser sheet metal profiling

Machine: LVD Axel with automatic shuttle system. 

Max part size 2500x1250

Max thickness in steel up to 15mm

Max thickness in stainless steel 8mm

Max thickness in aluminium 5mm

Laser cutting allows us to produce close tolerance parts quickly without compromising on detail, the width of the laser beam at the cut is just 0.3 mm allowing us to cut your parts with outstanding accuracy and finish. 

CNC sheet metal folding

Machine: Durma

Max Plate thickness:15mm

Max bending width: 3000mm

Folding sheet materials using CNC press brake technology gives us the ability to fold complex parts quickly and accurately time after time. 

CNC Turning

Machine: XYZ CT 52 LTY with Hydrafeed bar feed.

Tool capacity: 12

Max Bar diameter: 52mm

Max bar length: 1000mm

Max billet size: 200mm diameter x 300 in length

Utilising the very latest mill turn technology allows us to incorporate both turning and milling work on one machine in one process, giving you more accurate complex parts at a lower cost. 

Also fitted with automatic tool measurement and tool wear compensation to maintain high accuracy (down to 0.005mm) this system coupled with a barfeed allows us to automatically load new material and run high accuracy components unmanned through the day or night.

Machine: XYZ TC 250 with Hydra feed bar feed. 

Tool capacity: 12

Max bar diameter: 73mm

Max bar length: 1400mm

Max billet size: 250mm diameter x 400mm in length

Large capacity and a 30 horsepower spindle allow us to produce larger complex turned parts quickly and efficiently. Also fitted with a bar feed to allow us to automatically load new material and run components unmanned through the day or night.  

CNC Milling

Machine: XYZ 1010 VMC

Tool capacity: 20

Bed size: 1010 x 500mm

Machine capacity: 1010 x 500 x 500mm

Our vertical machining centre allows us to produce machined components from a variety of materials. Equipped with the latest cutting tools to produce the highest precision milled components with outstanding finishes. All these machines are backed with a full suite of inspection tools to provide you with quality parts and piece of mind.

CNC Sawing 

Machine: MEP Tiger 350 CNC

Material Capacity: 100 x 100mm

Our modern CNC circular saw provides us with an automatic sawing facility to produce sawn parts for post processing or welding with a good finish and high accuracy. 

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