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Your automotive parts are in safe hands with Industrial Coating Supplies (ICS). We've serviced a vast number of items in South West.

As part of our offer, we can provide services for:

- Motorbike Frames

- Alloy Wheel Grit Blast & Powder Coat

- Classic Car Rebuilds

- Kit Car Builds

Focus on .. Motorcycle Frames

All motorcycle frames and parts are shot-blasted to remove all the old paint finish and any rust or foreign matter. Immediately after shot blasting, all parts are sprayed with a zinc chromate two pack etch primer. This provides an extra barrier against corrosion. The next process is the hand spraying of each part with an even layer of polyester powder of the desired colour.

The parts are then placed in an oven and cured at 200 ˚C for between 25-40 minutes dependent on the thickness of the metal.

Discuss with us

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of automotive restoration we offer in the South West.

PDF Brochure Downloads (Automotive)

Motorcycle frame finishing - Click to download (PDF)

Classic car / kit car - Click to download (PDF)